Giselle: One of the most beloved romantic ballets

One of the most beloved romantic ballets presented in an acclaimed production.

Since its Paris premiere in 1841, Giselle has been an instant triumph with audiences. A love story, a ghost story, and a tale of forgiveness from beyond the grave, Giselle is about a peasant girl who falls in love with a nobleman, not knowing he is betrothed to another woman. When she finds out the truth, she goes mad and dies, only to become one of the Wilis, ghostly women who have been betrayed and must spend eternity haunting men. See why Giselle remains one of the most enduring masterpieces in ballet with this ethereal production reconceived by Artistic Director Adam Sklute.

Choreography: Conceived and produced by Adam Sklute, after Jean Coralli and Julles Perrot with additional choreography by Pamela Robinson Harris
Composer: Adolphe Adam

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