2021 Snow Globe Stroll

This winter, eight life-sized Snow Globes will line Park City’s Main Street, evoking the emblem of winter, a cherished trinket, and gift-shop staple. Follow along with us this year to embark on a journey with Historic Main Streets Moose and Miner. Join them as they travel through different experiences highlighting all that there is to love about Park City.

Don’t try to turn one on its top and give it a light shake. Instead, move closer to our Snow Globes, and the motion sensor will activate the flurries. We encourage visits both during the day and night since the globes light from within. This event is perfect for families and those looking to create a fun new winter tradition.

You can start your stroll at the bottom, the top, or the middle, but don’t miss a single globe.

The Snow Globes are scheduled to be removed on January 5, 2022.

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