Frida Kahlo Self-Portrait Could Break Records

A self-portrait by Frida Kahlo is set to break records at auction this fall. Sotheby’s will offer Kahlo’s Diego y yo (1949) during a modern art evening sale in New York this November. The work is expected to fetch $30 million—more than three times the artist’s current auction milestone of $8 million, notched in 2016. It comes to market after being held privately for 30 years. The descendant of a New York collector is selling it.

The painting depicts a double portrait — in the background, Kahlo’s tears and desolate stare is juxtaposed to her husband and fellow artist, Diego Rivera, who in the foreground, is superimposed with a third eye on Kahlo’s forehead. The artwork was one of the last self-portraits created by the artist at the end of the 1940s — a time that of uncertainty in their relationship.

If Diego y yo (Diego and I) sells for its estimated worth of $30m USD, it will not only shatter Kahlo’s own personal record, but that of any Latin American artist and one of the most expensive works by a female artist to have sold at auction. The art will go on a world tour starting in Hong Kong on October 7, then will hit London before landing at auction in New York this November.


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