Not all work from home spaces are created equal!

LendingTree survey reveals 47% of Americans are working from home. Of those working from home, 42% have a dedicated office space in the home, while 19% work from the living room & 18% work from their bedroom.
48% of men have a dedicated home office, while only 30% of women do. 72% of men report being satisfied with their remote workspace, while only 47% of women do.
53% of homeowners have a dedicated office space, while only 24% of renters do. 75% of homeowners are satisfied with their remote workspace, while only 44% of renters are.
In summary… More than 25% of survey respondents said that they’re thinking about moving within the next year to a new house or apartment in their local area. Of those in this group, 27% are thinking of moving because they are looking for different features, such as an office space.
This finding underscores the growing importance home buyers are placing on purchasing a property that includes space for a home office!
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