Pros vs Cons for One Wasatch

According to an article by Izzy Howell in UtahBusiness.com, “Nathan Rafferty, president and CEO of Ski Utah explains that ONE Wasatch “would be something new to the United States, but not something new world-wide, as the model is already widely used in Europe.” He goes on to say that this model would allow individuals to ski between towns, between ski villages, and between ski areas, giving skiers a sustainable, Alps-inspired adventure right here in the United States.”

What are your thoughts?

Click here for entire article as to why we should connect the ski resorts of the Wasatch Back

This is a two-part series debating the pros and cons of connecting our canyons. This is the article FOR connecting our canyons.
To read the article AGAINST connecting our canyons see my second post… tomorrow!
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