Quick Guide to Attending 2019 Sundance Film Festival

The Utah Film Commission has published a guide for people planning to attend the 2019 Sundance Film Festival.

The event, which takes place over a 10-day period, begins on Jan. 24. Filmmakers, industry insiders and movie fans will arrive from around the world to see this year’s official Sundance selections.

“Sundance Film Festival is a world-renowned event that happens in our backyard. There are so many ways to experience the festival as a local — through film, music, VR or just fabulous people watching,” said Virginia Pearce, director of Utah Film Commission. “The state of Utah is a proud supporter of the Festival and we want to help locals of all ages take advantage of what the Festival has to offer.”

Free screenings: Utah locals can see some films for free, according to the UFC. Here’s a breakdown of the events.

Townie Tuesday: Summit County residents can see films for free on the first Tuesday of the event, Jan. 29. You can visit the Redstone Cinemas or Library Center Theatre in Park City. You will need to be 18 years or older and be a resident of the county. You will need to request a ticket in advance through eWaitlist, which is included in the Sundance app.

Best of Fest: The festival’s best films will show at free screenings in Park City, Salt Lake City and Sundance Mountain Resort on Feb. 4. You will need to request a ticket in advance through eWaitlist, which is included in the Sundance app.

Bring the kids: The festival isn’t only for adults. Every year, Sundance features a Kids’ portion of the festival, with special films made especially for families. This year’s Kids selections are: “Abe,” “The Witch Hunters” and “The Elephant Queen.”

Music: The ASCAP Music Cafe will arrive in Park City during the festival where you can listen to new music.

Panels: There will be a variety of panels at the festival where directors and filmmakers can talk about their storytelling ability.

Exhibit: You can visit the New Frontier exhibition at the Sundance Film Festival, which will be at The Ray and New Frontier Central in Park City.

Leave the car: Can’t find parking? Leave your car at a parking lot in Park City and take one of the free shuttles to the festival. You can receive free parking at Ecker Hill Park and Ride (2500 Kilby Rd., off the Jeremy Ranch exit from I-80) and the Richardson Flat Park and Ride (off of the Kearns Blvd. exit from Hwy. 40).

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