Sneakers Are Big Business For Sotheby’s

Rembrandt, Picasso, Warhol and… Nike

Sotheby’s is continuing to make major moves in the sneaker resale space. After breaking a record for the most expensive shoes ever sold last year (the previous record-holder came the way of Sotheby’s too), the company has a new collection up for grabs that span Nike exclusives tied to athletes, entertainers, colleges, and more. The sneakers represent an impressive assemblage of influences from music to sports to design.

The 50-sneaker “Scarce Air” range was curated in partnership with rare sneaker purveyor English Sole. It’s highlighted by rare exclusives made for artists including Kanye West (a signed, mismatched Air Yeezy 2 sample), Eminem (three different versions of the “Encore” Air Jordan 4 and his Carhartt collaboration), Drake (gold and pink snakeskin Air Jordan 11s, “Splatter” Air Jordan 4s, and “Calipari Pack” Air Jordan 8s), Travis Scott (purple Air Jordan 4s), and Usher (gold Air Jordan 3s, Air Jordan 9s, and Air Jordan 11s), among others.

Sure, many of these would look great on you when you’re playing basketball or out to dinner. But, considering that some cost as much as a car and appreciate rare artwork, you might prefer to keep them behind glass.

The “Scarce Air” collection is the Holy Grail of sneakers, and you can shop the full Sotheby’s “Scarce Air” auction here. Bidding will end March 29.

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