According to an article on UnofficialNetworks.com on February 15th, Cimarron Club is quite possibly America’s most exclusive ski resort and is open for business in the San Juan’s. Colorado’s Cimarron Mountain Club is the state’s first and only private ski resort. The ski hill has more skiable terrain than Aspen Mountain but you aren’t going to run into crowds because of their membership limitations.

Cimarron is only allowing 13 families as members and they already have 7 spots full, so if your Amex is black and you’re on a first-name basis with your pilot, pull out your checkbooks because once it’s full that’s it. Okay, so how much is it to be part of this ultra-exclusive ski community….how about $2.285 million initiation fee per family and yearly fees between $55,000 and $65,000. Yeah, that’s a bundle but you actually get a 35-acre parcel of land where you can build out your dream home on resort grounds and of course access to 60+ ski runs spread over 1,000 private acres. If you’re mega-rich but not feeling the rustic mansion vibe you can always just stay at the onsite luxury yurt or at the three-bedroom Club Cabin. The pool or the pond type situation. The Cimarron Mountain Club’s website dead-ends on their homepage unless you get a password from a real estate agent named Marty in Telluride.

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Images: Cimarron Mountain Club