The Blazing World

From 4 December 2019–30 January 2020, S|2 London presents The Blazing World, a diverse group exhibition of artworks which draw upon themes of science-fiction, utopia, ritual and the fragility of human hope and existence. The Blazing World is the third in a trilogy of group exhibitions at the gallery where a work of literature forms a conceptual framework for an exhibition and is accompanied by a new edition and reprinting of a story. The last group show in this series, The Blazing World, takes its title from a forward-thinking seventeenth century fictional text of the same name, written by Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle. A part of the original text will be reprinted in S|2’s accompanying exhibition catalogue. The artists featured in the exhibition are Stano Filko, Peter Hujar, Marguerite Humeau, Charlotte Johannesson, Clementine Keith-Roach, Arik Levy, Charlotte Prodger, Paul Thek, Tishan Hsu, Nanda Vigo and Anna Zemánková.

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